[UW] Affiliate Program

Allows users to earn commissions from referrals.
[UW] Affiliate Program
This UW - Affiliate Program allows users to earn commissions from sales of their referrals. Get paid commissions in percentages from user group upgrades and add-on sales from your referrals.

It is setup to work with DragonByte eCommerce ( Sell digital downloads or physical products via your forum.).

Payouts are setup for PayPal.

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There are two user group settings, who can use this feature (for example only for users that already purchased something from you) and who can approve (mostly admin):


In the admin, Setup->Options->[UW] Affiliate Program you can set the referral key, commission percentage, minimum withdraw amount, results per page and also an option to show earned commissions in member stats:


Access to the affiliate program is in the front end:


A user can see Total earnings, wallet, his referral link and his referrals.

Admin account will see also withdraw requests, withdraw log and all affiliate commissions:


A notification is created when a new user registers using the referral:


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📣 Affiliate Program 📣

A way how to get our add-ons completely free!

Just go to the page Affiliate Program in your preferences and copy your referral link, place it wherever you like and you will get 10% from all sales from that link. This way you can earn all the money you had to pay for the add-ons.

❗NOTE❗ You have to be a customer first before you can use Affiliate Program.