[UW] Smileys Bar

Smileys Bar for text editor
[UW] Smileys Bar
Smileys Bar for text editor allows faster, easier access to smileys without covering the text area.

Smileys Bar completely rearranges the default XF smileys functionality. The main purpose of this add-on is to add to the bottom of the text editor a bar with the most common, most used smileys that are always visible so you have easy and convenient access to them without covering the text area.

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❗Please read the UW - Smileys Bar User Manual for more details.❗


We took the extra mile to make this add-on work great for custom smileys. You can set a specific size and spacing for each of your custom smileys category. Sample on a dark theme:


A magnifier button on the right side of the Smileys Bar, when selected (in blue colour), will insert xF stock emojis into the text editor in max size, and that is 64px. You can have smaller size, if you want, it is admin configurable. And it has also user group permission so you can allow this only for a user group of your choice.



1.- Turns on/off the Smileys Bar - in the admin under Options you can activate this add-on. Once activated, clicking this smiley icon turns on the Smileys Bar. Once turned on, it will stay turned on until you turn it off clicking this smiley icon.

2.) Recently used smileys on the left of the separator and XF default smileys on the right.

3.) Turns on/off the smileys menu.

4.) Smileys Bar - contains Recently used smileys on the left of the separator and XF default smileys on the right.
- in the admin under Content -> Smilies, you can add, hide, move, sort or even replace the smilies in the Smileys Bar with your own, custom smileys.

5.) categories bar - links with faster access to the the particular category.

6.) search bar - in the admin, under options, you can turn off this bar. The x next to the search bar closes found smileys.

7.) smileys menu - works similar way as WhatsApp web. In the admin, under options, you can set up how tall this menu you want to have.


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