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[UW] SuperBox
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Currently available products in this SuperBox package:

UW - Forum Comments System
This Forum Comments System add-on allows users to post comments under a reply in the forum. The add-on is already feature complete and in stable condition without any known bugs. This FCS add-on combines similar functionalities as you can find in vB5, Facebook and xF2 profile comments.

There are already 13 user group permission options available now organized in a dedicated section. Notification, alerts are sent no matter where the comment is written, whether it is in a new or an old reply.

UW - Smileys Bar
Smileys Bar for text editor allows faster, easier access to the smileys without covering the text area.

Smileys Bar completely rearranges the default XF smileys functionality. The main purpose of this add-on is to add to the bottom of the text editor a bar with the most common, most used smileys that are always visible so you have easy and convenient access to them without covering the text area.

UW - Dropdown Hover Menu
This add-on allows you to make from the main navigation links (left and/or right) a menu that drops down on mouseover/on hover.

This is finally a proper, well thought over, professionally made way of handling xF2 main navigation menu links with dropdown on mouseover/on hover.

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