DHM Version updates


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DHM Version 1.0.0

This add-on allows you to make from the main navigation links (left and/or right) a menu that drops down on mouseover/on hover.

This is finally a proper, well thought over, professionally made way of handling xF2 main navigation menu links with dropdown on mouseover/on hover.

Here you can see it on the left navigation menu:

And this is the right navigation menu:

  • User group permissions
This add-on is installed on this website so you can see here how it works. You need to be logged in because this add-on has also a user group setting and for Unregistered / Unconfirmed, Guest, this add-on is turned off. It is mostly because to demonstrate this functionality :


There are also several other options in Setup->Options:

  • Turn off DHM for styles
Option #1 from Setup->Options (the image above) allows you to turn off this add-on for any style you want. Let's say you have a heavily modified style and it doesn't work right from the start for you in that particular style, so you just turn this add-on off for that style until you manage to work out the layout.
You just type the number of a style or styles and separate then with a comma. If you don't know the ID of your style, click this spoiler to find out:
You can find the style ID by hovering over the link of a style.
  • Enable whole buttons on hover
Option #2 from Setup->Options (the image above) allows you to function on hover only the "arrow" part of the button on the left navigation menu. Or you can make the whole button function on hover.

  • Enable right menu on hover
Option #3 from Setup->Options (the image above) allows you to choose if you want to make also the right side menu to work on hover, some people might not want it. On our website is this right navigation menu turned off, but if you want to see it working, just PM me and I will activate it for a short time.

  • User Preferences option
Some people like dropdown hover menu, some don’t. Your users are the greatest asset of your forum. Give your users the freedom to choose what they want. This DHM add-on allows you to do so. There is an option in the user's preferences that can turn off this add-on.



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DHM Version 1.2.0

🔸Fixed error message: "Could not process UW-DHM-1.0.0.zip: File does not appear to be a valid add-on archive as expected."

🔸The right menu hover effect when your mouse comes from the bottom of the menu was improved.

🔹The right menu hover effect functionality for non-registered user has been removed.


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Hi, is it possible to make the drop down menu automatically close when you take your cursor off it?

Apart from that, a great add-on


Staff member
Hi, is it possible to make the drop down menu automatically close when you take your cursor off it?

Apart from that, a great add-on
Hi, the menu doesn't close automatically also in the stock XF. So this is done the same way as in stock XF.

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