[UW] Forum Comments System 1.5 [XenForo 2 Add-ons]


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A new update is available for [UW] Forum Comments System by Admin.

[UW] Forum Comments System 1.5

Update highlights

1. Added functionality for comments such as Approve, Spam, Warn and IP buttons.
- New permissions added:

2. Added "Comment" button for a comment.
Now you can comment a comment. It works similar way as in the second level for Facebook comments. A comment will include the user's name you are commenting, plus (what Facebook doesn't have), the back button icon when clicked, will bring you to the commented comment.

You can see it in use here.

3.Comments now also included in user's profile under "Postings".

5. Fix for an issue with the latest version of Chrome
A temporary fix for Chrome 73.0 overflow issues has been implemented.

Complete Change Log

4. Edits made to fit buttons also for responsive mode.
- Links in the comment action bar has been reduced in size.
- An option in the setting has been added that allows to keep only the comment icon in responsive mode. This way all links in comment action bar will fit in one row even in responsive mode.

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